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Drowning in work which never seems to end?

Why Work-Life Balance is the #1 issue for Leaders

How leaders can be their own worst enemy in creating balance at work?

Why ignoring stress at work is bad for your health and your life?

Why resilience doesn’t mean sucking it up?

Why quitting may not be the answer to stress?

How you can learn skills that can help in any situation?

DCC’s leadership development system gives you real tools to help you build resilience and work with work-life balance.

Hitting roadblocks? Struggling even though you used to do great?

Whether you have been leading people for 20 years or 20 days we can help you with your leadership mojo and get your life on track.

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The leader of a manufacturing plant with 200 employees was burned out, thought his team were the worst, and couldn’t get his metrics up.  After he worked with us he started to empower and hold his managers accountable, met and exceeded all his metrics, even those that people said could never be improved, and got more balance in his life.  Even his wife saw the difference and contacted his coach to say he was the happiest he had ever been.


David Couper has been working with senior leaders for 20 years. He is a best-selling author, career expert appearing on TV, Radio, and online.


Coaching Client

Kaiser Permanente

"When I started coaching with my coach I had many problems in my personal and professional life. I used to argue with my ex-husband and teenage kids. There was a lot of tension. With my coach’s guidance I learned to set boundaries and to take care of myself. Now I have a harmonious relationship with my family. At work I was going through a tough transition. My coach helped me to increase my confidence level, to let go of my limiting thoughts and beliefs, and to recognize my talents, my strengths, and my contribution to the organization. Now I feel confident to ask questions in my interaction with my co-workers. I have the courage to ask for what I want. I learned a lot about health and lifestyle. My coach created a safe space for me to open up like I never did with anyone before. She empowered me to see things from a whole new perspective. This was transformational. I clarified my vision for my life. I feel like I am starting my life over again. "

Regional CNO

of a large healthcare organization

"At the onset of the pandemic, I was concerned about taking away time from my team for our planned leadership development training with David Couper Consulting. I'm so glad we stayed the course. These training sessions during the pandemic helped us form a feedback-rich culture with more giving and receiving. My team is now more comfortable in uncomfortable situations. The result of the events of the last 2 years hasn't been infighting; it's professional dialogue. Because of this invested time and energy, they are coming out on the other side of the pandemic as stronger teams and leaders, and more fully aware of self and others."

John Hill

CEO and President Bozeman Health

'' I’m very grateful for the training and coaching on resilience and leadership we completed with David Couper Consulting. I know our teams would not have weathered Covid as well without the work we did to lay the groundwork for our leaders through the work with DCC. Thank you to David and his team for helping us with resources to weather the storm''

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